The Shenandoah Valley Inclusive Wellness Coalition (SVIWC) is proud to offer Transforming Health through Relationships via In-Person and Virtual Environments (THRIVE)!


THRIVE offers individuals and families a spectrum of physical activity, wellness, nutrition, and social connection activities to improve one’s health (available in face to face or consumer friendly app/virtual formats). Activities can be done on 1:1 with your THRIVE/TechMentor, with family members/friends, neighbors, in a small group or independently in your home. We want to give YOU control over your physical and mental health! 

Participants of all ages, skill levels, and abilities are encouraged to join! Our current THRIVEers range in age from 2 to 92.


THRIVE affords individuals the opportunity to transform one’s physical and/or mental/emotional health by:

  1. Connecting individuals to existing resources and opportunities in one’s community
  2. Turning their home into a personalized activity space
  3. Creating social connection and increasing one’s social capital through our THRIVE Community

Vehicles of Change: 

  • Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Wellness
  • Mentorship – mentees and mentors engage together on wellness journey 

Types of Offerings:

Below is our Calendar for January 2022! (Click for a PDF copy. Previous: December, November, October September, August, July, June, May, April)

Invest in your Health


MyGuide by Mpower MeSVIWC is partnering with MPower Me to integrate THRIVE into a user-customized platform called MyGuide  – video to learn more.

For most users, MyGuide is covered by Insurance – Please fill out the application form TODAY!
If approved for MyGuide, your one year subscription to THRIVE is included 🙂

Integrating THRIVE into MyGuide will allow users to access their health promotion content, using customized assistive technology, from home, at school or work, and in the community.

Each THRIVE participant will have an annual subscription to the following: 

  • An assigned mentor/activity buddy/wellness coach; check out our TechMentor program
  • Step by Step physical activity, nutrition, mental health, and wellness guides in our MyGuide THRIVE library
  • Access to our monthly calendars with activities, recorded, and live class options to do on your own, with your mentor, family, or friends!
  • Activity monitor for data collection, goal tracking, and reinforcement purposes
  • and More!

Our team of content experts and TechMentors are constantly building new content to support your physical and mental health journey!


JOIN OUR PILOT PROGRAM TODAY, No Cost to You, Only Benefits!

During the pilot, participants will be asked to:

  • Complete a pre-assessment of your current physical and mental health with the support of our team
  • Agree to engage with your Tech/THRIVE mentor at least once a week
  • Complete the ongoing and post assessment measures with the support of your mentor or team member

ENROLL IN THRIVE TODAY, please click here.

Any questions or wish to learn more about the benefits of THRIVE to YOU or those you serve, please contact Dr. Tom Moran, Coalition Co-Lead at or 540-568-4877

THRIVE Champions

Being a THRIVE Champion means:

The Shenandoah Valley Inclusive Wellness Coalition (SVIWC) loves to highlight and promote organizations that incorporate inclusive programming for individuals of all abilities. We also partner directly with these organizations to provide and coordinate one-time and ongoing inclusive events and activities, especially those underserved populations within our communities. SVIWC asks for is a small donation in exchange.

Champions can be anywhere – Local, statewide, across the country or around the world; yes we have champions providing content and opportunities virtually from every anywhere!
Become a THRIVE champion today!

Benefits to your organization:

  • Noted as a THRIVE Champion on SVIWC’s website
  • Organization highlight posted on SVIWC’s website
  • Intentional promotion of your organization’s activities as part of SVIWC’s outreach (e.g. bi-weekly e-blasts, newsletters, etc.) to expand the “reach” of your offerings/opportunities
  • Priority partnership for programming, events, and new opportunities
  • Direct and in-direct support from SVIWC team during development or implementation of inclusive programming

Current Champions 

Speech and Language Center: 

  • The Speech and Language Center has offered the SVIWC synchronous and asynchronous activities such a virtual scavenger hunt and Acts of Kindness bingo.

Waynesboro YMCA

  • The Waynesboro YMCA has offered both in-person as well as remote programming like stretch and move and yoga to get people of all ages and abilities moving and “grooving”.

Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation

  • The Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation provides SVIWC with activity videos, encourages engagement in existing programming as well as opportunities to organize and host in-person and remote events alongside their staff.

How to become a Champion

Partnering with the SVIWC will expand the reach of your organization’s existing offerings as well as allow each organization pursue new avenues of impact.

To become a Champion, please contact