Brady’s Ability First Story

Turning My Challenges into Other’s Opportunities

Photo of Brady Dean in front of a wall with ECM on itBrady Dean is a 40-year-old man who was diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy early in life but hasn’t let that get in the way of his love for fitness nor his desire to make sure that everyone, regardless of physical or mental ability, has the opportunity to participate in physical activity. Brady has always been physically active, so he started a program at the YMCA in Wayland, NY. His mission for his program in New York is to make movement available for everyone, whether they have a disability or not. Brady is funny and wise and uses his creative mind when building new gadgets so that Everyone Can Move (E.C.M), which is the name of his program. The adapted equipment consists of a standing tee for baseball, a pole holder for pool games, and many more.

Brady on a sled hockey sled at an ice rinkBrady goes above and beyond by taking his skills and applying them in athletic events, including ski racing, the Tough Mudder (mud run and obstacle course), the Murph (HIIT challenge), 2 CrossFit competitions, and a C.R.A.S.H-B competition (rowing) that are all very popular among athletes. Brady is also a lifetime member of Wayland Fire Department. His current sport and interest is sled hockey, but he also enjoys coaching soccer and softball, biking, golfing, and skiing. Brady started skiing at ten and joined a program that helped kids learn to ski. He made treasured friends and made a ski club for his high school in his senior year.

photo of Brady

Although Brady recently joined Empowerment3 in 2021, he and Dr. Moran go back to when they were soccer coaches together in 2004 in New York, conducting Just for Kicks inclusive camps. This connection led to Brady joining our team as an Ability First Mentor and a co-lead for virtual Superhero Training. Virtual Superhero Training combines self-defense, fitness, and movement exploration to improve body control, strength, and endurance. With the knowledge he gained from experience and working with all ability levels, he joins Superhero Training with fun ideas. He develops adaptations to make activities more accessible or challenging for mentees and mentors. Brady now serves as a lead instructor, educating and equipping participants and future professionals!

Brady inspires everyone because of all the challenges he has overcome and continues to face, yet he maintains a positive outlook that everyone can move one day.

“I may be disabled on the outside. But on the inside I’m normal” –Brady J. Dean.