Coalition meeting July 29, 2018 at RMH Wellness Center

We hope you are having an exciting, activity-filled, and healthy summer!

We would like to remind you of our upcoming meeting of the Shenandoah Valley Inclusive Wellness Coalition – this Friday at 3:30 PM – AT RMH WELLNESS CENTER. Please note the change from our usual location. RMH Wellness has graciously invited our group to come to take a tour, learn about what they have to offer, and together discuss ways they and other organizations are working to support inclusion. We will also discuss areas for improvement and how those challenges might be addressed – both at RMH as well as in your organization. Please come and share your perspective, questions, and ideas. All are welcome – even if you’ve never attended a coalition meeting before!

We are also attaching the minutes from our June meeting. Please review, as well as check out our Continuum of Opportunities document we have put together.

As a coalition, our goal is to create a continuum of opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in community-based wellness activities; this document can hopefully help you visualize what we mean by that. We may never fill in every box on the grids, but we would like all organizations to consider helping to fill in at least one box. That would go a long way towards expanding wellness opportunities for individuals with disabilities in our community. What can you or your organization help facilitate?

During our last meeting, Dr. Tom Moran helped us think about the many roles all of us can play in making this happen with his example of the mentorship model (see attached PDF of his presentation).

Whether you are a family member/friend, professional, wellness organization, or service/advocacy organization, there is something each of us can do!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday. Have a great week!!

Continuum of Opportunities Charts.Revised

SVIWC Presentation_Mentorship Model in Our Community

SWIWC minutes – June 29 2018.

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