Mona Rabie

Mona Rabie, a lively 24-year-old participant in the Overcoming Barriers Fitness Program, undoubtedly makes her mark on all of those around her. Not only does Mona come ready to work out every single week to meet her fitness goals, she brings her positive and witty attitude with her. Even on days when she says she’s tired, Mona doesn’t give up and shows up with a smile. Mona’s mentor, Molly Jacobs, described her as having, “a sense of humor that made working out more enjoyable for everyone around her.”

Photo of Mona Rabie with a big smile on her face as she works out with free weights.In the beginning of Mona’s participation in the Fitness Program, she was a little hesitant to try new things. However, being a dedicated member has not only given Mona the opportunity to exercise, but also to spark friendships with her peers and her mentor. Cultivating these supportive relationships helped her gain a new-found self confidence in the gym. Weight machines are no longer a source of intimidation and she even now asks to try new things. Mona has successfully built up her confidence in the gym and with the help of her mentor, she does whatever exercises are on her plan for the day.

Mona has come out of her shell and successfully brightened the room every week with her sharp mind and entertaining jokes. As one of her program coordinators, Tyler Stevens, says, “Mona is quick to make friends with everyone.” Being able to interact and learn with other participants helps to create a sense of community in any wellness setting. Encouraging one another and learning to form trusting relationships with mentors makes the experience about even more than just physical wellness, but also establishes a valuable fellowship. The bonds that Mona has formed with her peers and mentors are a prime example of how these relationships aid in gaining self-confidence and achieving wellness alike.