SOS Module 3: Modifying Instruction for Inclusiveness

Below is a link for participation in the usability testing for this online training module. Please click the purple button to load the usability survey in a new tab, the come back to this page to complete this training module. If you have any questions, please contact with subject line “Online Module Issue.” SVIWC … Read more

SOS Module 2: Planning Inclusive Programs

If you work with individuals in the wellness setting, you already know the importance of planning. Whether you are a clinician, personal trainer, coach, teacher, or fitness instructor planning is part of your job.  You don’t just show up and teach a fitness class without planning what you are going to teach.  Likewise, as a personal … Read more

SOS Module 1: Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Dumbbells and a running shoe

Overview This module is designed as a discussion of effective behavior management in physical activity and community-based recreation settings and how this influences the learning/participation of participants with disabilities. In this module, you will find: content describing the keys to effective management (rules, routine, and accountability); the steps of an A-B-C Analysis and how to … Read more