SOS Module 4: Accessibility Considerations

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Wheelchair athletes

This module will help staff and instructors understand how to make their facility and/or programs accessible for all participants. The module is divided into four sections:

(1)Accessibility and Universal Design

(2)Laws and policies that cover accessibility

(3)Categories of accessibility considerations

(4)How to assess and improve accessibility features in your organization or program


Navigation Directions:

This module consists of several mini lessons. Each lesson contains a varied number of pages presenting content and concludes with an assessment as a quiz or a case study. Please navigate a lesson by carefully reviewing the content on a display page and then select “Mark Complete” or “Next Page” at the bottom of a page until you cannot find a “Mark Complete” or “Next Page”. This is the time to look for “Back to Lesson” on the top left corner and then complete the assessment for the lesson. 

After you complete the assessment, proceed to the “Next Lesson.” Time for module completion may vary depending on users’ reading speed and computer connection capabilities. 

You may leave at any time and come back to pick up where you left off. Continue with the next lesson that has not been completed.  Completed lessons are indicated by the green check marks in the Module Content List.

Please follow the above procedure to complete all the lessons in the module. After you complete the entire module, come back to this page to print your certificate.

Note: In order to successfully complete this module and earn the certificate, you will need to pass the post-test at the end of the module with a score of 80% or above.


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For more information on the Board, please contact: Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, 1100 Bank Street, 7th Floor, Richmond, VA 23219, (800) 846- 4464, or visit the Board’s website.