SOS Module 2: Planning Inclusive Programs

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If you work with individuals in the wellness setting, you already know the importance of planning. Whether you are a clinician, personal trainer, coach, teacher, or fitness instructor planning is part of your job.  You don’t just show up and teach a fitness class without planning what you are going to teach.  Likewise, as a personal trainer you wouldn’t start working with your client without first learning about the individual and planning an appropriate program.  But there are specific things to consider when planning wellness programs for individuals with disabilities.

The purpose of this module is to apply the important elements of communication and planning to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in the wellness setting. Along the way, we will explore a sample scenario to illustrate how each concept and strategy applies in the clinical/organizational/educational setting.  As you think about this scenario, consider how the concepts apply to your own situation and the individuals with whom you work and teach.

Navigation Directions:

This module consists of several mini lessons. Each lesson contains a varied number of pages presenting content and concludes with an assessment as a quiz or a case study. Please navigate a lesson by carefully reviewing the content on a display page and then select “Mark Complete” at the bottom of a page until you cannot find a “Mark Complete” or “Next Page”. This is the time to look for “Back to Lesson” on the top left corner and then complete the assessment for the lesson.

After you complete the assessment in quiz or case study, proceed to the “Next Lesson.” Time for module completion may vary depending on users’ reading speed and computer connection capabilities.
You may leave at any time and come back to pick up where you left off. Continue with the next lesson that has not been completed.  Competed lessons are indicated by the green check marks in the Module Content List. 

Please follow the above procedure to complete all the lessons in the module. After you complete the entire module, come back to this page to print your certificate.

Note: In order to successfully complete this module and earn the certificate, you will need to pass the post-test at the end of the module with a score of 80% or above.

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