Online Module Pilot Test Guide

Step 1. Visit, and click “Join the Coalition“.

register at Shenandoah Valley Inclusive Wellness Coalition


Step 2. Join the coalition with your email address and a username.

Join Coalition with email address

Step 3. Complete other identification information.

Registration information


Step 4. Confirm from your email or reset password.


Activate account


Step 5. Log in with your verified email and select “Take me to the training!“.

Take me to the training


Step 6. On the screen below, click “SVIWC Usability Test for Training Modules” to open the usability test in a separate window. You will fill this usability test after you complete the module. Then click the “Planning Inclusive Programs” to start the usability test of the module.

Online training modules

Step 7. Start to take the Planning Inclusive Programs module and take notes for your feedback.

Program Planning Module

Step 8. Click on SVIWC Usability Test for Online Modules, which will open in a separate tab in your web browser. Keep the usability test open, and come back to the Training tab to complete the online training module, and then navigate to the usability test to provide your feedback.