Training Access Form

Training Consent and Survey

Access to our online training was developed with the approval of the Institutional Review Board at James Madison University. This requires your consent, so please read the following before continuing.

James Madison University IRB Approval Protocol No. 19-0177

Identification of Investigators & Purpose of Study

You are invited to participate in a study, Improving Health and Wellness through Empowerment, conducted by Dr. Tom Moran from James Madison University. The purpose of this research is to develop a series of online instructional modules based on “Strategies of Success” specialized training (SOS) for wellness organizations to equip them to work with individuals with disabilities.

Research Procedures

The research process includes the completion of a focus group interview (or a one-on-one interview), a written needs assessment (completed by one individual per organization), and the four on-line SOS modules. If you decide to participate in this research study, you will be asked to sign this consent form after all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. You can choose which part of the study to participate and will not be subject to a penalty of any kind if you choose not to participate.

All names and any type of personally-identifying information will be removed from written materials and pseudonyms will be used in transcripts from the focus groups. All data will be stored and backed up with encrypted drives on a password-protected computer.

Any identifying information will be deleted from the data before analysis. The researchers will be the only individuals who will have access to the data, which will remain within encrypted computer drives once the research has been completed. Within five years of the study’s completion, all data will be removed from the researchers’ computers, drives, and locked offices. The researchers will use standard laptops with USB connection to the encrypted drives. Notes taken and data transfer should all be handled with the encrypted drives.

Time Required

Your participation in this study will require no more than 60 minutes for the focus group, approximately 30 minutes to complete the organizational needs assessment, and 60 minutes to complete each online module.


The investigators do not perceive more than minimal risks from your involvement in this study (that is, no risks beyond the risks associated with everyday life).


Participants will learn the “Strategies of Success” (SOS) specialized training materials. The participation in needs analysis and developmental evaluation will also help develop the self-reflection on the best practice of using these online modules.


While the data are collected, they will be kept with the strictest confidence. The data will have backups in encrypted computer drives and are accessible only to the research team. The data will be saved in these secure locations for at least five years, as per the guidelines of the American Psychological Association. While the project researchers can guarantee confidentiality for the focus group interview data under their control, it is possible that the researchers cannot guarantee that other focus group interview participants will not discuss responses with others.

When the researchers no longer need the data, all files will be destroyed in a responsible manner. Within 5 years of the study’s completion, all data will be removed from the researchers’ computers and locked offices. The findings will be included in the evaluation reports, presented at a professional conference, used for funding or selecting synchronous systems for teaching and learning, and published in peer-reviewed journals. Only aggregated data will be analyzed and the findings presented or published will not include any personally identifying information. The researchers retain the right to use and publish non-identifiable data. When the study is published or presented, any identifier will be replaced with pseudonyms.

Participation & Withdrawal

Your participation is entirely voluntary. You are free to choose not to participate and you can withdraw at any time without consequences of any kind. Upon your withdrawal request, your inclusion of the data will be removed from the data collection as long as they can be identified and removed.

If you have questions or concerns during the time of your participation in this study, or after its completion or you would like to receive a copy of the final research report based on this study, please contact Dr. Tom Moran, Associate Professor,, 540-568-4877, Kinesiology.

Questions about Your Rights as a Research Subject

Dr. Taimi Castle
Chair, Institutional Review Board
James Madison University
(540) 568- 5929

Giving of Consent

I have read this consent form and I understand what is being requested of me as a participant in this study. I have been given satisfactory answers to my questions. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age. I freely consent to participate by printing my name, by selecting "Yes" below.

Consent *


One more thing...

This survey is required for access to the training.

It is designed to assess your judgment of confidence in your ability to safely, successfully, and meaningfully include individuals with disabilities into community-based physical activity, recreation, or sports program/activity.

Below you will see a series of questions about how you feel about performing certain tasks to accommodate participants with disabilities in community-based programs/activities. Answer these questions as if an individual with a disability will participate in your program next week.

There are no correct answers, and each person will answer these questions differently. We just want to know how confident you feel in your ability to safely, successfully, and meaningfully include individuals with disabilities into your program next week. The survey continues with questions about your past experiences including participants with disabilities in community-based programs and ends with some demographic questions.

Please rate how certain you are that you can do the tasks listed below by selecting the appropriate number after the question, with 0 = Can not do at all, to 5 = moderately can do, to 10 = highly certain can do.

(Reference note: the original survey was developed by Dr. Andrea Taliaferro)

I am confident in my ability to:

Demographic Data

e.g., instructor, camp counselor, director, therapist, etc.
e.g., youth, high school, adult